I am a student of life. An eager explorer. A lover of words, people, animals, and beautiful landscapes. I am a somewhat creative introvert and words are my creative medium. I use a lot of words. You could say my heart bleeds words on paper.

I’ve developed a new passion for personality psychology since discovering the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) test and learning my type. Finding out my type then learning about my strengths and weaknesses was enlightening. Things suddenly started shifting into focus as if under a microscope and its been a springboard for my personal journey of growth and self-development ever since.

My MBTI type is INFP. In Enneagram typology I am a 4w5. Not sure what all this means? Don’t worry, I’ll be explaining all of this throughout my blog, probably ad nauseam, as well as explaining how you can learn your own type and how other types may function.

If all the typology or psychology talk isn’t your cup of tea don’t worry, my attention is far too attracted to shiny pennies to focus completely on one topic. I’m always curious and interested in people’s stories. I want to know what drives people, what dreams they have, what makes them tick.  Mostly, I love being able to help people and I’m hoping my creative writing and journaling of my personal journey will entertain, enlighten, and inspire you the reader.

About me? That is a good question. I don’t have a clear vision of who I am right now but I suspect through the use of words in the various posts to come on this blog, a pattern will emerge and the picture will sharpen into focus.

Welcome to my journey.