Hell Hath No Fury Like An INFP.

My first post in six months and, yes, its a reblog of someone else’s post. This post was brilliantly written and serves as a good introduction into where my thoughts (read: feelings) are headed with the coming direction of my (very near) future posts.



One misconception which I would like to end right here and now, is that INFPs are the overly sensitive little weaklings sobbing in the corner. This needs some clarification.

Firstly, due to our dominant function being introverted feeling (Fi), all of our emotions are directed inwards. I guess we’re the typical example of the phrase ‘swallow your feelings’. So, if you see somebody publicly weeping over a lamb chop, do not immediately think ‘Ah, INFP’. Because I think this is very unlikely. The INFP, when upset, will approach the world with their best poker face, calmly walk away, lock the door behind them and then weep over the lamb chop.

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