True North

I am a Christian. I’ve not been a very good Christian of late but that is what I identify with, Christianity. I formally accepted Jesus into my heart and into my life several years ago. I was willingly baptized as an adult by my good friend, and then pastor, in a kiddie pool placed in the backyard of his parents home during a church picnic gathering. It was comical and a little bit trashy. It was perfect. Our church was more of a community. We lived our lives together. We watched each other’s families grow and change. We learned together, worshipped together, and helped others in our community. Together. This has shaped my life in a way I can’t quite explain. It has irrevocably changed me for the better.

My point with this is that this is what I believe Christianity is about. Well, obviously it’s about Jesus and He is so much more than that, but this post isn’t about explaining the foundations of Christianity or going into depth about the teachings of Jesus. This is about acceptance, love, and community. This is what I’m about.

I am okay with people making their own choices if it makes them happy and doesn’t negatively impact me. Not a Christian? I’m okay with that. Not a believer of any God? I’m okay with that. Gay, lesbian, bisexual, or alien? I’m okay with that too. My God says that homosexuality is wrong but He also says not to judge or cast stones. To love one another. And I do! I’m okay with it. That’s not my battle, not my sin. I’ve got plenty of my own to worry about and hope that no one casts stones toward.

While people do many bad things in the name of their God or religion I feel most people are in it for the good. They need that discipline or compass in their life. A set of rules to live by. I do. I can admit that I need some direction. I’m not always the best at following it but I need to know its there. I’m a bit jaded and stubbornly follow my own set of the rules at times but when I really lose my direction I need to know that I can rely on my compass to point me to true north.